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I have good news and unfortunate news. Good news is that I have 2 panels left for chapter two. Bad news, i messed up two panels and need to redo them, for those keeping score thats 4 panels left. The catch is the two that got messed up need ink for a marker that has run dry. Fortunately i have already ordered the ink refill and it should be here by Friday. I plan to redraw and finish everything minus the coloring of required ink, including scanning and voice bubbling the other pages. This means that if the Ink dose come Friday you can expect the chapter 2 out Saturday evening. If it dosnt come till Saturday then it will be up Sunday Morning. My apologies, thank you for being patient. I promise you 35 pages by week's end.
I am very close to finishing chapter 2, the longest chapter i have ever written, and the most detailed panels i have ever done. I found what i believe to be a good pace, that will get things done without overelming me from here on out. Im sure with my 7 credits in fall i can keep the schedule. So expect chapter 2 no later July 7th if not a day or 2 sooner followed by the first short prologue chapter by the end of July 
I have had a DA for most of my college life (6 years) and with it has come many failed comics. I think now I have hit the right groove on it and I am very pleased with its development. I will be uploading chapter 1 and its extras within the next few days as well as posting here as well as on my Tumblr in the future.  pokemonsiratrouniversity.tumbl…

Hope you all enjoy