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I am very close to finishing chapter 2, the longest chapter i have ever written, and the most detailed panels i have ever done. I found what i believe to be a good pace, that will get things done without overelming me from here on out. Im sure with my 7 credits in fall i can keep the schedule. So expect chapter 2 no later July 7th if not a day or 2 sooner followed by the first short prologue chapter by the end of July 
I have had a DA for most of my college life (6 years) and with it has come many failed comics. I think now I have hit the right groove on it and I am very pleased with its development. I will be uploading chapter 1 and its extras within the next few days as well as posting here as well as on my Tumblr in the future.  pokemonsiratrouniversity.tumbl…

Hope you all enjoy